Friday, 20 May 2016

Consistency in product, process and project management

Although the say goes: Consistency is the key to success.
I say: Consistency is the key to excellence! 

- This starts from sustaining customers' loyalty, as customers usually flee from services that are undetermined.

- Significantly, total cost of ownership is directly proportional to the variations in your processes and the work practices. So the more coherent and consistent processes you operate, the lower the cost of their maintenance.

- Overall governance and compliance frameworks are highly challenged by inconsistent work set-ups.

In short, achieving consistency within your  products,  processes and project management practices is critical in aligning their objectives to your business goals.

There are several methods for achieving this consistency, such as:

- Adopting a unified project management methodology, which is disciplined enough to handle complex and long term projects, as well as being agile enough to exploit quick wins and ah-hoc engagements.

- Promoting one-stop-shop for the inception, design, inauguration, and continual improvement for your policies, processes, standards, procedures and practices.

- Conducting regular awareness campaigns with the latest enterprise processes and standards operating procedures.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tip: Moving folders in SharePoint

My easiest way for doing this is to open the document library within the Windows Explorer using the button: "Open with Explorer"

- Make sure that you are using IE 32 bit.

You can know that by opening the Task manager and checking the process name, if suffixed by *32, then it is the 32 bit version of browser.

By default, usually the 32 bit version from the browser is launched.

- Don't use compatibility mode while opening the SharePoint site.