Sunday, 27 April 2014

Excel 2013: Removing a defined named range\data table

For normally defined name:
1) Formulas menu.
2) Name Manager.
3) Select the range and delete.

In my case that was a result of a query which generated the named data table:
1) Select the range from the drop down list beside the formula bar.
2) Right click on any cell within that range, and select:
Table --> Convert to Range

The reason I wanted to get rid of that named table in the first place was that filtering and sorting the data inside it was separated from the main sheet.

Tip: Creating Apple ID without entering credit card information

1) Start from the App Store from your device.
2) Try to install a free application.
3) When prompted to enter your Apple ID, select the option for creating a new account.
4) Fill in your information. Moreover, you will find an option for the payment which is "None"
This option is unavailable when you try to create your Apple ID the regular way through the website.

The following are the detailed instructions from Apple knowledge base: