Thursday, 20 June 2013

Apple FaceTime versus Google Hangouts on iOS 6

In my first review for a replacement to Apple FaceTime that would be compatible on Android devices as well as Apple's, I was excessively receiving the below message using Google Hangouts, using two separate
accounts for each of my iPhone 4S and iPad Retina.

Of course, Facetime was doing so fine with both. At least it works.
After succeeding to set a connection using Google Hangouts for only two participants, the modest video quality was so apparent in comparison to FaceTime.

Hard Luck Google, my first experience with Google hangouts was far from my expectations from a released product, not even a beta!


  1. That honestly had to be one of the most Apple Fan-boyish mini-articles I've ever read. Google Hangouts is way better than facetime. Video quality is great on my Droid DNA. No problems whatsoever.When I read this I thought...Hmmm...what is this dude talking about & why hasn't anybody commented on this but then I realized I had to be the only person who read the article. Figures

    1. Hello can you tell me how can I download facetime app on my laptop and I don’t know it is possible or not can you help me out. Thank you
      FaceTime for Windows

    2. Is that a question or a solution to share?
      FaceTime is available for iOS as well as Mac computers. If you would like to install on windows, so you need an emulator and a version for Android.

  2. Thanks Sonny for your feedback.
    I would like to draw your attention first that this whole blog is mainly to share my personal experience and at times my own preferences with no offense to anyone. Taking into account I am already using Google platform to host my blog, so I've nothing bad on personal basis!
    Another very important point is that, as the title mentions, I'm evaluating based on the latest version of Hangout available at that time at App Store for iOS devices, without regard to how it performs on other platforms.
    Nice that it works perfectly for you on your device, me also have no such problems establishing hangouts on my PC, but that's irrelevant to this topic.
    Have a nice day!