Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Three reasons can render you idle in your busiest days!

There are always some periods through our workdays when we are so overwhelmed to the extent that we are literally paralyzed. This is the situation when we are unable to progress in any of the areas where we should be exerting more effort.

Stress can be one of the biggest factors that disseminates the negative energy within our whole beings. So many projects, inefficient communication and un-prioritized task lists are among the very common sources

Shortage of resources such as having a shortage in funding for your projects or the man power for implementing the actual work can be the second reason. When there are so many opportunities; however, for each one, there is always that small piece which is missing. Moreover, this can take the other form when you are so busy doing operational work to the extend that you cannot plan any reasonable schedule for a very promising project staying out there in your queue.

So little resilience in making your choices is apparently another good reason. This is to a great extent coupled with a micro manager who dictates not only the task but also the method to do the task, and expecting that the outcome would be at least coinciding with what she expects. This scenario can result in being unable to proceed or deliver due to the least missing details within the implementation strategy previously communicated. The focus here is on following the steps rather than delivering the outcome and the outcome is assumed to be a guaranteed fruit for the steps performed.

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