Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Migrating contacts from HTC Cha Cha Android phone to iPhone

1) Export contacts from the device into the SD card memory in vcf file format. Unfortunately, this would be extracted into a single vcf file, so MS Outlook is unable to import directly.

2) Convert this single file into a vcf file per contact:
   a) Import the file into Windows Contacts: %userprofile%

   b) Export the contacts into vcf

3) Drag and Drop all the vcf files into the Contacts\People folder for MS Outlook 2013.

4) Export all the contacts from MS Outlook into csv file which is a very versatile format and widely supported.

5) Import the just exported file into any mail service, in my case, I have used my gmail account at

6) Configure iPhone to contacts to synchronize with the gmail account.

7) Done! All your contacts are now within your iPhone phone application\service contacts.

HTC Cha Cha - Android OS
Windows 8.1
MS Office 2013
iPhone iOS 8.1

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