Thursday, 26 March 2015

PMO Tools: Stakeholders Analysis Matrix

Stakeholders Analysis Matrix is one of the very effective tools which can be used to support the classification activity for the stakeholders.

According to PMBOK; Identify Stakeholders is an Initiation process group activity for a typical project management process. It is also the first activity within the Project Communications Management Plan establishment.

Herein, I do define from my own perspective a simple matrix which can be utilized for that same purpose:

Stakeholders Analysis Matrix
Stakeholders Analysis Matrix

Based on this classification, all the communications plan components can be aligned to the goals and objectives for each stakeholders group; hence the channels, the messages, ..etc.

It is worth mentioning that this matrix can be organized from different perspectives. Here, I have tried to present a very simple approach which can be much more elaborated upon according to the project size and the number of stakeholders involved.

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