Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Secrets about LinkedIn Invitations to connect!

Have you ever wondered about the limitations on the invitations you send for growing your network on the most popular professional networking platform: Linkedin?!

The following are some facts from the LinkedIn experts:

- Maximum number of of 1st-degree connections: 30,000 connections.
- Number of people who can follow you is unlimited.
- Your ability for sending invitations is limited , if many of your invitations are ignored or rejected. Attention!
- Invitations validity: 
    * 6 months for LinkedIn members.
    * 2 weeks for non-LinkedIn members.

Inviting or Connecting with People on LinkedIn:

Managing sent invitations\Withdrawing an invitation:

Controlling who can send you invitations:


This information is as of 20th Sep, 2017, and since the platform is continuously evolving, it is advised to refer to the Linked help or support for the latest updates.


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    1. Thanks for your feedback, happy to know that.