Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sure way to failure: Activating iMessage or FaceTime while roaming!

Unfortunately, iOS7 was released while I was abroad, so without any bad intentions I backed up my data and upgraded exactly on 20th September. Everything was OK and iMessage\FaceTime had no problems since they were already functioning in my home country.

Things started to happen when I noticed that iMessage was not activated for my phone number and it was only working for my e-mail, so I turned it off\on, which actually was not the case. I only turned it off, and when trying to turn it on, a message appeared confirming a message to be sent for Apple for activation and kept waiting for activation, hours passed and no reply.

A visit to Apple store advised me to approach Apple support on the Internet
http://www.apple.com/support !!!which I have followed and created two cases, where I was informed that they won't be able to help me unless I spend a day waiting for confirmation for my activation request!!! And directed me to a troubleshooting page: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts4268 which included steps that require at least one more day.

Fed up, I dropped again by Apple store which changed my device!!! Voila, still not functioning!!

Finally, with no more time to waste on this, I returned home with my issue and trying to activate, and the next time I checked my phone, they were both activated!

It is worth adding that, as per my monthly invoice, the activation message was never sent from my iPhone while I was abroad!

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