Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tip: Syncing Internet Explorer Favorites (Windows 7) across different machines using Dropbox

1) Goto IE Favorites folder.
2) Change Folder Location to Dropbox "Favorites" folder.
Note: Don't forget to create the new folder  "Favorites", so that the bookmark files are not moved to the root Dropbox folder.

 3) Select the just created "Favorites" folder within Dropbox.

 4) Move all files and subfolders.

Note: In case you want to sync your bookmarks with Apple Safari bookmarks, you can still use iCloud, and selecting Internet Explorer Bookmarks for syncing.

--Update 02/10/2013----
iCloud 3.0 caused the return of my deleted files.
When I uninstalled it, everything went smooth! Of course, your bookmarks are now no longer synchronized by Safari :(

Applied on :
Windows 7 Professional SP1
Internet Explorer 10.0.9
Dropbox 2.0.22
iCloud 3.0

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